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The Calgary



*Prize money is awarded to the top three numerical scores in each division, regardless of category.  Each category is awarded ribbons for first, second, and third place.

Professional Prizes:

1st Place - $300 

2nd Place - $225

3rd Place - $150

Amateur Prizes:

1st Place - $200 

2nd Place - $125

3rd Place - $75




  • Participation in the cake show is open to those ages 16 and up.  Youth consists of ages 8 to 18.

  • Cakes can be dropped off and picked up by friends or family, when organizers are notified in advance.

  • All work must be of that single entrant only. (No group projects, or class projects will be accepted for judging.)

  • Entrant may only enter one division, but may enter more than one category.  Only one piece may be entered per category.

  • Bakers, caterers, teachers, and other professionals must enter in the Professional Division.

  • Entries must not measure more than 28” by 28” or be smaller than 6” by 6” unless special permission in given by the show director(s).  This measurement includes the boards or anything upon and within which the item is displayed.  There is no height restriction.

  • No part of the piece should overhang the board.  All parts of the piece should be securely attached upon delivery.

  • Cake boards must have a “foot” so that they do not sit flush on the table. (Ex. thin foam board or wooden blocks glued to the bottom of the board, leaving an edge.)

  • All cakes must be decorated on forms made of Styrofoam or other non-perishable material. No real cakes will be accepted. The piece must be possible to recreate in real cake.

  • Sculpted cakes must be possible to recreate with at least 50% real cake.  A comprehensive diagram or two photographs indicating framework (the base or form upon which the cake is assembled), actual cake placement, and design must accompany all sculptured cakes, and should not include names or identifying marks.

  • The show committee reserves the right to reclassify an entry to another division or category.

  • No entries will be accepted that are in poor taste or of sexual nature.

  • Any entries that have been previously judged will not be accepted.

  • The committee will not accept cakes deemed too fragile or unstable to display.  Committee members may have to move pieces, they should be in one piece.

  • All decorations on the cakes should be made of edible products.  Points will be deducted for inedible or store bought items.  Wires on sugar flower displays should not be inserted into the cakes, plastic picks, straws, or other methods should be used, or details about how care might be taken with real cake should be outlined in the notes for the piece.

  • Reasonable care will be taken of all exhibits. However, the Calgary Sugarcraft Guild, its members, the show staff, owners/operators, and staff of the show site will not be responsible for any loss or damage to persons or entries.

  • After registration, you will receive a follow up e-mail with details and set-up times.  Please ensure you watch for the e-mail from

  • Cakes that are removed from the display before the official pick up time and date will be disqualified, and will forfeit any ribbons or prizes.


Final dates for the competition have not been set yet, but it will be at the end of February, drop off will be a Monday 9am-10am, OR 9pm-10pm.  Pick up will be the following Sunday 5pm-6pm.  In the event of a government mandated closure of public spaces, the event will still be held online!  Cakes will be judged via photographs or similar means.  Prizes will still be awarded.

No advertising is allowed without permission of the Calgary Sugarcraft Guild.

For online registration, you will not be required to pay until after selecting a category.

***Please note that your registration is non-refundable.***

Youth Prizes:

1st Place - CAKEify Studio $75 in-store credit

2nd Place - CAKEify Studio 6" DIY Kit

3rd Place - CAKEify Studio 4" DIY Kit